Sunday 17 September 2017


Yiiikes! the band are back for one night only as part of Bury's Light Night.

Catch us sliming it up on Saturday 21st October.

Full programme line up for both Light Night days is HERE

Wednesday 20 January 2016

News, not news part 2!

Hello 2016!
No actual news as of yet, and we seemed quiet here in 2015, but we weren't!!

We did have any art shows but we made a bunch of songs and played them to people!

We went on a week long summer tour with some of our favourite people and had the best time. We played a couple of gigs with some rad bands and even appeared at Slayerfest '98 without having to travel back in time.

2016 started off with a load of noise playing with mega babes No Ditching and Jesus and his Judgemental Father last weekend and we're hoping to make loads more noise and art this year!

But for now, here we are playing Jackie at Slayerfest in London Halloween 2015....

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Yiiikes! ON TOUR!

Aside from making BIG art, Yiiikes! also make BIG noise!
That's right we are a band.
And we're going on tour this August, with our good friends in The Potentials (slayers in training from London) and Joyless Fucking (fuzzed up punxxx from Brighton) and a bunch of other rad folk along the way.
we're calling it....

Hitting: London, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and Brighton!

All dates are listed HERE.

and if you wanna check out our badly recorded demos.....

Monday 8 June 2015


The sun is shining so we're having a sale on our T-shirts, badges and postcard packs!
All to make way for new exciting things!

Sunday 16 November 2014

The Glowing World...

That's right guys our Glowing World has returned to the city of Manchester...

Where: Nexus Art Café- Church street
When: November 6th- Early January 2015
What: A forest of glowing stuff from shrooms, to eyeballs, a moon to a river, and not forgetting a severed toe thrown in for good measure!

Located in the window of Nexus art café, treat yourself by wlaking past in the day and treat yourself even more to see the world glow if you pass by when it get's dark. And treat yourself by popping into Nexus for a brew (and a browse round Salford zine Library)  and check out the secret glowing world in the middle of the stairwell!
Nexus Art Café opens Mon-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-6.

Saturday 17 May 2014

The Upside Down Room

As we mentioned (in the post below) we got asked to do something in the gallery space at Islington Mill for Sounds From The Other City.
The guys at BadUncle had the space to celebrate ten years of the festival with some good old fashioned TV!
With shows ranging from Mrs Merton, to The Word (all re-enacted for the festival) and even a real life Blind Date, we knew the setting had to be something a bit special.
So what better than an upside down room and a giant TV?!?

We had a blast doing it and thanks to everyone that lent a hand. One thing I will say is that for some reason hanging shelves upside down was more confusing than it should have been!