Yiiikes! is an artists' collective, brought together by an appreciation of gross-out, curios and our dreamlike state. Making vibrant multi-dimensional art that incorporates sculpture, paint and performance, we aim to engage and entertain the viewer with escapism into a parallel universe.

Our work aims to be accessible to everyone, within/or not within the art world by merging aspects of traditional skill with modern processes, referencing low brow and throwing a strong DIY ethic into the mix.  We celebrate in the resurgence and revival of the craftsmanship once so undervalued and out of favour.  

Yiiikes invite all to take a detour from the mundane of the everyday and ordinary, by offering up mutant hybrids of the fondest cosy, pop cultural imagery from day to day life with the dark side of human nature and the allure of the strange.'

Yiiikes! like 90s cartoons, goo, anatomy, comic art, book illustrations, outsized things, miniature things, the dark arts, villains, creepy stuff,  DIY, crafting, collecting stuff, 70s colour palettes and nature. 

Yiiikes! are Alison Erika Forde, Kandy Diamond and Seleena Laverne Daye 
                                          Alison Erika Forde
 Alison is an artist who creates daydream-inspired paintings and drawings on an eclectic mix of objects. Her story-book snippets incorporate old, unwanted items including mass-produced second-hand prints, bric-a-brac and household wood. Drawing on imagery sourced from high art to the subcultural, Alison produces misleading twists on reality, with a pinch of mischief, playfulness and dark humour. Having exhibited internationally, Alison has work held in Europe, USA and the UK.

Kandy Diamond
Kandy is a knitted textile artist, creating 3D forms as well as graphic pattern and imagery using machine knitting. Kandy’s work aims to challenge cultural preconceptions by offering an alternative representation of knitting; creating pieces that are at odds with the embedded stereotype. Kandy’s work often involves a play on scale, with inspiration taken from popular culture, storytelling, novelty and knitting related objects and ephemera.  Kandy’s work has been shown in both group and solo exhibitions in the UK and Europe.
Seleena Laverne Daye
Seleena is a textile artist whose work is primarily made with felt and using traditional craft skills. Inspired heavily by popular culture and growing up in the 1990s, Seleena's work is bright, nostalgic, fun whilst commenting on race, class, gender and sexuality.
Things Seleena considers art: sewing, zine making, dancing, mix tape making.
Seleena does all of the above.

Contact: yiiikescollective@gmail.com
Follow: @YiiikesArt


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