Monday, 24 June 2013

The making of Snotboobs and the Severed Toe

As much as I would love this to be a MTV style making of the video documentary, sadly it's not! It's just a few words and mostly photos. Still it's a  behind the scenes look!

Putting the installation together, took several weeks in total (possibly months including planning and such), but 4 days to put together and in the space in Islington Mill.
Kandy started her making several weeks before, making test pieces figuring out ways to get her knits to glow and textured in the best possible way. Alison had a hardcore backdrop 'biggest paining I've ever done' session a couple of weeks before and I, being the way I am, shunned the idea of test pieces and started making a weeks before, getting ahead then realising I stopped and getting final pieces done JUST IN TIME!

We may write about our individual processes of the pieces we did, but for now, this is just about how we got it all in there, and got stupidly high spray painting a cardboard path!!

We started by hanging up Alison's amazing backdrop. Next was fixing up all the lighting. Then it seemed we built a path for 3 whole days! finishing off with placement of pieces, hanging curtains, installing sound filling jars with glowing liquid!!

Alison and Kandy cutting the path, before we knew the path would become our nemesis, or something!

Me dressed like an art teacher/trying to keep warm!

Taping the path down. Safety first!

Alison's painting signs workstation

Stencil for the pebble effect.

Alison, super happy about painting a glowing goo river!

'I was gonna paint a path, but then I got high'

Alison and I filling in the path, and me being super glad Kandy made us buy those face masks!

half and half!

Enter the room, get roped in. many hands make light work.

Alison painting 'shroom blobs'

Sweeping up, trying not to get high.

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