Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bury Light Night

A few weeks ago saw us take part in Bury Light Night.
It's a night showcasing local art talents and lots of light! they turn off all the street lighting and there is art and performances (all based around 'light'), fun for all the family.

we featured in the art trail, which saw lots of artists use empty shop spaces/shop fronts to show their work.
We bagged Vibes, an old music shop that had been in the same location for years until it closed down. My sister attended college in Bury, so many an afternoon was spent with me tagging along with her as she perused the latest indie hits!

We set up on the Wednesday prior to Light Night. The space was a lot narrower than where we previously housed 'Snotboobs....', so a bit of ri-jigging of the floor and leaving some pieces out had to be done. But we were happy with the end result.

There was a also a back room, with red walls and a red and white checker board floor, that was super Twin Peaks, so we decided to add a little thing to that!

We mostly got teenagers and young families passing through (we even had a dog pass by!), so it was great to hear their reactions, which ranged from 'it's shit' to 'it's sick*' (*sick as in the modern meaning of GREAT).

Sadly we didn't manage to get any pictures of the space glowing, but here are some of the set up...

We also didn't get to see any of the other things going on that night, maybe next year!

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